Dr S Buckley

Things to Help your GP

We appreciate how frustrating it is to be kept waiting for your appointment because your doctor is running late. We have listed some suggestions below that would help us run more to time:

1. Please arrive on time for your appointment

2. If the doctor is running late please be patient; it may be that someone has presented with a difficult problem and has taken more than the allocated time or that they have been called away for an urgent home visit. We hope you understand that it is important that the doctor needs some flexibility to deliver patient care of the highest quality.

3. Please think before your appointment about the issues that you would like to discuss.

4. If you bring a list, please prioritise the most important issues that you would like to discuss – we may not be able to cover all issues in one appointment and may ask you to make a second appointment.

5. If you feel you have a complex problem that you feel needs more than 10 minutes to sort out please ask the receptionist to book a double appointment.

6. Please switch off your mobile phone before your appointment.

7. Please make a separate appointment for every family member that wishes to discuss their health problem –  we can only deal with one persons problem in each appointment.

8. If you have made an appointment to discuss the results of an investigation or Hospital consultation, please check with the receptionist that the results are availalble before attending the surgery.

9. Please cancel any appointment that you are not able to keep.

10. Please only leave your car in the car park whilst you are actually in the surgery. If you are going into town after leaving the surgery, please move your car to another car park. Patients are often delayed for their appointment because they cannot find a parking space.