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We are delighted to be able to share an announcement about the future direction of Swan Medical Group which will ensure we continue to grow into an exceptional, thriving business with the ability to deliver an outstanding service to patients across the area.

We are very pleased to share with you that Swan Medical Group will be merging with Liphook & Liss Surgery as of 1st April 2022.

We have put together a patient leaflet and FAQs for more information:

gp-practice-manager-of-the-year award

gp-practice-manager-of-the-year awardWe are very proud to announce our very own Emily Spalding, Swan Medical Group Practice Manager, was awarded the Practice Manager of the Year Award at this year’s prestigious General Practice Awards. When asked by the organisers of the awards for comment Emily was understandably delighted:

“I was delighted to have even been nominated, and am absolutely thrilled to have been awarded Practice Manager of the Year. This year has been a particularly challenging one for all of General Practice, so I feel honoured to have been recognised despite the significant pressures we have all faced. The year has been filled with both hard work and reward! For our practice, it started with a CQC inspection in which we were awarded ‘Outstanding’. Immediately after which, we went straight into the throes of dealing with the Covid pandemic – not even time to celebrate! I’ve been very proud of our whole team’s resilience during this unprecedented time. Finishing the year, we become a Wave 1 site delivering the Covid Vaccination Programme, which has been another challenge but hugely rewarding working with 8 other local practices, and seeing the benefits of this work in vaccinating our patient population. I’d like to thank the fantastic team at Swan Medical Group who are a dedicated and talented group of people that I love working with, I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you again for this prestigious award.”

PHE_NHS_HealthierYou BAME

PHE_NHS_HealthierYou BAMEThere is a legal requirement on us to collect your ethnicity to ensure that we provide a fair, open organisation where all patients receive equal treatment. An individual’s ethnicity can also have a bearing on illnesses/disease and treatment, for example diabetes, so it is important we have this recorded.

Type 2 diabetes is two to four times more likely in people of South Asian descent and Black Caribbean or Black African descent. That’s why it’s really important that you find out if you are at risk.

You may be eligible to join your local Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, which can help you reduce your risk by offering advice on eating healthily, being more active and managing your weight.

care quality commision oustandingWe are delighted and very proud to announce that following a recent inspection of Swan Medical Group, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have awarded us with ‘OUTSTANDING’ which is the highest possible rating for the services we provide.

Inspectors rated the care at the surgery Outstanding for being effective, responsive to people’s needs and well-led.

Janet Ortega, Head of Inspection for General Practice, said;

“Swan Medical Group is an excellent example of what outstanding care looks like. The practice was at the heart of primary care in the community. Their motto of ‘caring for you by knowing you’ was demonstrated throughout all aspects of care by staff to their patients.

“The practice had a strong focus on innovation and developing new ways to provide quality care to their patients and this was evident in the positive feedback the service received.  The team at Swan Medical Group should be very proud of what they have achieved to date.”

Key findings from the inspection include;

  • The practice supported community services, including the hospital, a local school and psychiatric wards.
  • The practice valued their staff and their wellbeing. Clear structures were also in place for effective management.
  • The practice had plans in place to reach long term goals to provide integrated care to patients at the highest level.
  • The appointment system was easy to use, and people could access care when they needed it. Patients were triaged on the day by their own GP and there was no wait for an appointment.
  • Patients were positive about the care received which was reflected by the ‘Caring for you by knowing you motto’ which staff demonstrated.

The Partners would like to thank our ‘Outstanding team at SMG’ and patients for their contribution towards this amazing achievement.

A special mention must go to our Patient Participation Group whose continued support enabled us to secure this wonderful result.

The full inspection report can be found at

DIABETES support for our patients

At SMG, our diabetes team are trying to support people with Type 2 diabetes to improve their health during this time and one approach now being widely promoted is a low carb way of life. We are planning online support sessions to promote this and will soon provide more details. In the meantime, if you would like to know more, then please see the links below.

Care Navigation

What is Care Navigation?

Care Navigation offers individuals choice by providing information to help them access the support that is right for them. This will help patients to see the right person, to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time as efficiently as possible.

Why use Care Navigation?

  • To improve access to health and social care
  • To release doctors time to care for patients with long term conditions or complex needs
  • To improve the service provided by frontline staff in health services


How does it work?

  • If you contact your practice you will speak to a receptionist
  • These receptionists will have been specifically trained to provide Care Navigation locally
  • The receptionists will ask for a brief outline of why you’re contacting them and will be able to offer potential choices regarding appropriate services
  • But it’s YOUR choice, you can still request to speak to your GP if you wish
  • You may be provided with a choice in relation to an appropriate member of staff you can see within the practice
  • The choice may also involve an alternative service which can meet your needs e.g. community pharmacy, stopping smoking or sexual health
  • This is not clinical advice or triage
  • You do not have to accept the choice provided by the receptionist

Care Navigation Frequently Asked Questions

What is Care Navigation?

Care Navigation offers individuals choice by providing information to help them move through health and social care services and access the support that is right for them.

Care Navigation involves members of our GP practice teams being trained to support patients by signposting them to the most appropriate professional or service. This is being implemented to help patients ensure they receive the right care, first time and as efficiently as possible.

This includes signposting you to a person or service within the practice as well as other NHS organisations, social care and in the community.

Do I have to accept the ‘ Care Navigation’?

No. Patients will still have the choice of whether to accept what is being offered through Care Navigation. A patient can still request to speak to their GP or another member of practice staff.

What skills / training will the ‘Care Navigators’ have?

Active Signposting training has been developed to support the staff that will be delivering ‘Care Navigation’. This has involved face to face sessions with some of our reception staff involved to develop a safe and efficient approach. The team have been trained to identify when other services might be appropriate to offer and how to communicate these choices to the patient safely.

What if the Care Navigator is unsure?

The purpose of the staff delivering Care Navigation is to help provide patients with a choice of appropriate services and not clinically triage them. If there is any doubt regarding the suitability of an alternative service or support for a patient then they would be directed to a member of staff within their General Practice in the first instance. The limited number of pathways that patients can be navigated through have been identified as being appropriate through engagement with general practice staff.

What if the receptionist makes the wrong decision?

Care navigators do not make clinical decisions. Based on the information that patients contact the surgery with and are requesting support with, the staff delivering Care Navigation can offer a choice of what is available. The patient can always choose whether to take up the offer that is provided or choose to speak to their GP if requested.

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